Sunday, January 10, 2010

Woah. How time flies. I cannot believe we will be adding a sweet little girl to our family in only six weeks. So much has happened since our last post, I don't even know where to start. So instead I have posted TONS of pictures:)
Owen's fourth birthday!
Steph helped me make an awesome Spiderman cake!
Yummy ice cream cake for my 27th birthday:)We had a great time at North Padre beach in July
with cousins and Grandma and Grandpa.

Owen LOVED the sand!

He thought the salt water tasted gross.

"Pleh, pleh" he said the first time he got a taste.

First time also being wiped out by a small wave

Owen started preschool this year! What a big boy:)

Mommy is so proud!

Laney's first Halloween costume,

Weekly pictures starting at around 15 weeks when

I could no longer wear normal jeans.Last week at 33 weeks

Owen wanted a picture too, we willingly obliged.
Except we didn't quite expect this pose:)
He took a deep breath then let his belly hang all out!

Family pictures for Christmas, we didn't want
to pay a professional because we will be going again
in February/March with Laney. So we set up a makeshift "studio"
in Laney's room and shot away with the self timer.
The Costco photo lab technician asked for
the photographer's copywright. What? Are you serious?!?!
Owen is getting so BIG.
He can't wait to be a big brother:)
He has now finally perfected the pronunciation of her name.
He couldn't quite say Laney, it would come out "Lamey".
Great, I guess we know what her nickname will be when she starts school;)
Love you all!!! PS for all those still anxiously awaiting

our Christmas/New Year's letter.

It will be coming in March as a birth announcement, postage is expensive:)


Jeremy and Brigitte said...

Sarah I miss you so much! I love the updates, but it makes me sad that we haven't seen eachother in soooo long. On my anniversary this year, it will have been 4 years! We need to set up at phone date soon, before your little Laney comes and you don't have any time. You look amazing by the way.

Carlson Clan said...

Congratulations you guys!!! Your family is the cutest!!

Stillman and Michelle said...

How Cute!! Thanks for the updates. I am so excited for your little Girl. It's about time one of us had a girl.

The Thomasons said...

Sarah!!! Hey! You have such a cute family. I can't wait to see your little girl. I would love to get in contact. If you have time, email me at So great to see the update! You look so great...and I love Eli's belly picture:)