Sunday, January 10, 2010

Woah. How time flies. I cannot believe we will be adding a sweet little girl to our family in only six weeks. So much has happened since our last post, I don't even know where to start. So instead I have posted TONS of pictures:)
Owen's fourth birthday!
Steph helped me make an awesome Spiderman cake!
Yummy ice cream cake for my 27th birthday:)We had a great time at North Padre beach in July
with cousins and Grandma and Grandpa.

Owen LOVED the sand!

He thought the salt water tasted gross.

"Pleh, pleh" he said the first time he got a taste.

First time also being wiped out by a small wave

Owen started preschool this year! What a big boy:)

Mommy is so proud!

Laney's first Halloween costume,

Weekly pictures starting at around 15 weeks when

I could no longer wear normal jeans.Last week at 33 weeks

Owen wanted a picture too, we willingly obliged.
Except we didn't quite expect this pose:)
He took a deep breath then let his belly hang all out!

Family pictures for Christmas, we didn't want
to pay a professional because we will be going again
in February/March with Laney. So we set up a makeshift "studio"
in Laney's room and shot away with the self timer.
The Costco photo lab technician asked for
the photographer's copywright. What? Are you serious?!?!
Owen is getting so BIG.
He can't wait to be a big brother:)
He has now finally perfected the pronunciation of her name.
He couldn't quite say Laney, it would come out "Lamey".
Great, I guess we know what her nickname will be when she starts school;)
Love you all!!! PS for all those still anxiously awaiting

our Christmas/New Year's letter.

It will be coming in March as a birth announcement, postage is expensive:)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Whew, so much for updating the blog every week!!!!!

Well, where do I start. Not too much has changed in the Embleton home in the months the blog has fallen by the wayside. Owen turned four in March and is as enthusiastic and energetic as ever. Eli has gone back to studying full-time while Sarah continues to work in the newborn nursery. Sarah just recently got a new calling to be the enrichment leader and is very excited to go back to regularly attending sunday school and relief society after 2 years. Lately we have enjoyed making our house more our own. We, meaning Sarah (I'm very non-committal with paint, it always looks so different on the chip!!!!!), finally decided on painting the house something other than white. We will post pictures of that soon!!! Really, we will:) In the meantime enjoy the following pictures of various events and holidays. Reader beware, six months worth of pictures found below.

For playgroup we went to Little Chef Academy where Owen learned to make cinnamon sugar tortilla chips and fruit salsa!

Owen loves Spiderman!! He was Spiderman for
Halloween, this was my first attempt
at doing costume make-up. Not too bad......

Another first was my first was Thanksgiving
when I cooked my first turkey dinner!!!
Not too bad either;)

The Texans poor attempt at snow at the winter festival.
Owen didn't know any different.

We made a gingerbread house this year,
a first for Owen. He talked about it for months!!!!

Our crazy miniature daschund, Fritz.
He was six weeks here at 2.5lbs,
now 6 months and 8.5lbs

We went to Chico in December, Sarah was glad
to be able to meet up with some old friends.

Sarah and Rachel were blessed to be
able to go to a Celine Dion concert in January.
This was Sarah's 2007 Christmas present.
Thanks Eli!!!
Seriously, this was a dream come true!!!
We were so close we could've touched her!
In fact the girl two down from us did.
Sadly we were offered that seat but we let her have it.
Oh well, it was an awesome show,
the shot below was not zoomed in at all!!!
Owen loves Bob the Builder. We brought Owen to see him
when he came to town. Owen loved it, but had we known
what we were getting into.......
it was a musical......
about recyling in sunflower valley......
well, we had fun anyway.
Heather came to visit last month, we had a blast!
She is even more adorable pregnant:)
This was our attempt at homemade pizza dough, at least we had fun;D
Owen loves fingerpainting!
Thanks for reading!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Life is busy in the Embleton home! As you can tell with no posting for almost 3 months! In a nutshell ...Eli is working full-time and going to school full-time, Sarah is working full-time both inside and outside of the home, and our little sweetheart Owen is growing full-time and trying to keep up with it all! Our lives are full and we are blessed! We have also been blessed with our fair share of adversity lately as it seems everything is breaking, particularly the car. Oh well, as is old adage goes when it rains it pours! I let you know when we make it out of this trial alive!:) Here are some recent pictures of our happenings....
Where's Owen?!?!?
Fun at the Ft Sam Houston Park
Owen was terrified of the animals, he wouldn't even feed the ducks lettuce!
A helicopter just happended to land on base when we got there.
Apparently the Colonel had a meeting.
The soldiers were kind enough to let us tour it!
"Are you sure these things go here mom?"Future pilot?
Believe it or not this isn't the first time we have had a lizard in our house.
Where are we living... THE JUNGLE?!?!?
Come on, really..... is it just me or does that tail
look like it could do some serious damage!
Owen is always ready and willing to help with projects around the house!
There's nothing like dancing barefoot, in a summer rainstorm!
(Aside from all the potentially dangerous pathogens swimming in the stormwater,
let's just try and remember what it was like to be a kid!)
Our first crisis as homeowners!
We slept the one night in the middle of the
summer heat with no air conditioning,
it was a very cool 91 degrees in the house.
It's a good thing we had the sellers buy us a home warranty!
Oh, and yes the leaking HVAC unit is on the second floor!
Owen is trying practicing early to fill some big shoes.
We told him maybe he should try by taking the garbage out first!
Last but certainly not least was the day that Owen got into the bandaids!!!
Thanks for reading our blog, hope all is well with you! We love "ya'll!"